The Russell Peters Collaboration is born out of pure happenstance. A mutual friend (Actor Antonio Lambertis)  connected the pair and it was an immediate connection.

Russell met CEO Rocky after a show on his tour where Rocky gifted him a pair of 1 of 1 WuTang Clan Sobeks.

Russell looked down at Rocky's feet and said "I LIKE THOSE"  which were also a pair of sample SOBEK's. 

Later that evening the two spoke at an after party and agreed to speak more on a potential collab.

Several months later Rocky visited Russell at his home in Encino while on a business trip and the rest is history.

Russell's collection will include sneakers, sweat suits and also a collaboration with Rocky's wife's company RDevine Fashion where his collection of Limited Edition Fedora's can be found.

Russell Peters Sneaker Collection will include the following:

The European & Middle East Exclusive Release version The Blank

  • Limited Edition
  • Italian handcrafted leather produced in Dubai
  • Luxury Casual Sneaker 
  • Only 1000 produced

Italian Leather Produced