Frequently Asked Question's (Masks)

When will my cloth mask arrive?

Please DO NOT contact us about your order until you've check the product description where we put approximate shipping dates.

How Often Should Mask Filters be changed?
Each filter has a life of 72 breathing hours. If you wear it once a day for 72 days, you have longer use. If you wear it 8 hours a day you need to change it in 9 days.

How often should cloth masks be washed? 

This is up to the user depending on the mask use.

If you wear it for long extended use within densely populated area's we suggested wash it once daily by hand or washing machine within another item.

Air dry.

How often can I wear a KN95 mask?

We suggest it be disinfected with a clothes disinfectant between uses, but not immediately worn. 

We don't suggest  doing this more than a few times if worn in hospital situations.  However it can be used longer in non volatile atmospheres like out to grocery shop or run short length errands. 

Can I clean a KN95 mask?
Yes.  With disinfectant. Washing it is not suggested unless in cold water in a bowl.