Frequently Asked Questions (Footwear & Apparel)

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Reading this helps our customer service staff answer as many questions as we get hundreds a day.  If you were sent a link to our F.A.Q.'s please don't take it personally, but as a way for us to effectively provide the best customer service possible.

When will my products ship?
All footwear in stock will ship same day or next day if your order is place before 2pm est.

Custom apparel will ship within 5-7 working days.  This includes:

  • Tee's
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • All other custom apparel

What is your return policy? 
Please find the return policy at check out.

What is two-week shipping?

Two week shipping mean's your item may ship if it's at our local location, but for whatever reason if it isn't we will have it shipped from our warehouse.  This typically doesn't take a full two weeks, but we like to set expectations.

How long do Pre-Order's take to receive? 

This depends on the pre-order.  It could be for a re-release of something we already have released previously which would ship within six weeks to two months after the pre-order ends.

If it is a new release it may take up to about 10 weeks.  

Please follow ALL social media as the CEO will update regularly on the production schedule and progress of every single pre-order. 

Please DO NOT purchase a pre-order release if this time frame does not work for you.  While we want to provide the best customer service possible, questions that could already be answered only slows us down and prevents us from getting to those with questions not covered here.


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