About Us

ROCKDEEP   est. 2013, a company born in Oxon Hill, MD now located in Alexandria, VA

ROCKDEEP  is not solely dedicated to selling footwear and apparel, but providing sincere customer service.  Our main goal is to provide quality, functional and stylish products at a great price point.

All item's on our website are $99 or less. 

We are working to expand our business globally with franchises and give those who may have never thought they'd be a business owner in this field the opportunity to not just be an owner but give back to their community.

For ROCKDEEP - giving back is not an option...it's an obligation. 

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Team Members:

Rocky Parrish CEO 

  • Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi and son of two military parents. Rocky grew up in his younger years in the Del Ray area of Alexandria, VA later moving to Arlington, VA where he began making roots while attending Thomas Jefferson Middle and Wakefield High School.
  • During his freshmen year his parents moved to Oxon Hill, Maryland while driving him back to Arlington to finish out his freshmen year so he could maintain his grades and friends he'd been going to school with since 2nd grade. 
  • Rocky graduated high school from Oxon Hill High where he credits his experiences in a tougher atmosphere with great teachers- for who he is today.