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Washable Cloth Masks

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If you don't purchase from us PLEASE make sure your masks meet these requirements.

Not having multiple ply masks is like not having one at all. 

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Team Inspired Washable Cloth Masks


Dem Boys Steeler Town The Black Ravens The Navajo Dine' WarriorThis is NOT a WASHINGTON  FC Logo.  We design with intent.  We like those who purchase to understand the WHY.We wondered...

Los Angeles Tribute Mask


This is a tribute mask to one of the best to ever do it.The CEO is a life long fan of the team and wanted to pay tribute to both...

Washington Baseball Mask


Inspired for the Washington DC Baseball Team.ROCKDEEP a Black Owned company celebrates their Championship and gives a nod to their Red Jerseys and 2019 Win.Each mask comes with one filter....

Les Boulez Bullets Masks


Inspired after DC and Baltimore's Basketball Team and the greatest player to ever put a jersey on.ROCKDEEP a black owned company produced this mask in honor of both the team...

Fly Eagles Fly Masks


The Philly Mask is inspired by the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles So we put together a concept just for them. These will come complete with a filter with each mask purchased. ...

Dog Pound Mask


The Dog Pound  Mask inspired by the fans of the Cleveland Browns.Friend of ROCKDEEP CEO and devout Browns Fan Sean Neal, explained that the Browns don't get the love they...

Washington Hockey Masks


Plenty will make masks for the Washington Hockey Team... but none like this.Merely the first version of a few we will develop. This mask is to honor the greatness in...