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Product Description: PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW! EVERYTHING!!! The 36 BLACK/GOLD Release – A Tribute Paying Homage to not only the Culture but a group of 10 dudes who gave many life in...

Black / Yellow


The 36 BLACK/GOLD Release – A Tribute Paying Homage to not only the Culture but a group of 10 dudes who gave many life in their 20’s 30’s and now.

Upper: Microfiber / Nubuck

Laces: Two sets.  Black & Black & Gold Round and Flat

Outsole: EVA


The 36 wide release will have surprise packaging as usual, but we will keep it a secret to save something for the consumer experience.

However it will NOT be a box as we rarely do boxes. 

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER - Meaning you are securing your pair of ABII's

This Pre-Order Ends on April 30th 2021 or if we sell out more than 1000 pairs: If they sell out before, we will start production early. 

Once that happens we will update you with a target ship date as we usually do.

PLEASE sign up for email marketing when purchasing and download the ROCKDEEP app on either App Store if you haven't already. 

The CEO will make updates in the following ways so this prevents you from needing to contact corporate for anything other than change of address OR size change.

  • Email
  • APP
  • Production Schedule on the website
  • Social Media via  CEO Updates during the week or IG and Facebook stories.

Please review your order before completion. If you order the wrong size by accident and do not realize until we ship and your original size is sold out, the only thing you can hope for is someone else exchanging. 

You can find all the info needed here. ROCKDEEP INFO PORTAL

If this process doesn't work for you please do not purchase.


To know what size you should order, please refer to our size chart and compare the Euro size in your current sneakers with our size chart.

This will give you a great comparison on if they "run true to size" which really means run like my other sneakers.

If you don't see your size please contact us.

If enough size 17 & 18 are not ordered we will refund your money.  Please share with other large sized individuals.

If you pick the wrong size because you didn't read this and need to exchange, you will be responsible for sending the products back in the same condition they were sent with EVERYTHING included and all original packaging. 

OUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOUR PARTICIPATION in not only sales but sharing on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.  

We appreciate EVERYONE who purchases from us.  The more you support the more we grow and can add more jobs.

From the CEO - "I will not disappoint you."


The 36 also pays homage to a dude who I regard as a mentor who also almost got fired for the original footwear dawning their logo. @DrewGreer

My vision is to not just do the wide release of this reimagine sneaker, but a release of 36 pairs in the Wu Gold & Black and another limited run of pairs via an NFT digital & physical release in Black with Gold hits.  

With the blessing of the @WuTangClan I will release the Black Pair with their logo and share the revenue which can go in their pocket or favorite charity.


Personally as a Black Business and Designer, my intent is to take back our culture from those who have had us in their meetings, inspiration boards, but only taken….never given credit or did for our communities in the way we have done for their companies.

ROCKDEEP plans on giving every new ALPHA release a purpose by donating a percentage (not portion) of the revenue to an initiative that benefits, enhances and empowers our communities.

We didn’t need to rip off, or bite the style of any former sneaker, we simply reimagined it the way we thought it should be.

At some point our people will realize that we are the beginning of everything and the Culture Starts and Ends with US.

ROCKDEEP is the Culture Unfiltered.  Unapologetic in our approach and relentless in the pursuit of World Dominance for our people.

We will continue to design with purpose and intent, using our footwear as a means to uplift and make a difference and not wait on other’s to make us famous or cool.

We are not a trend. We are not a fad.
We are the Resistance.

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