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ROCKDEEP x DAYLYT - Mansa 4K PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW!! You Will Be Glad You Did.   More About the Release:The Mansa 4K means more than just a connection between the most Elite...

Black / Gold



You Will Be Glad You Did.


More About the Release:
The Mansa 4K 
means more than just a connection between the most Elite Linguist, Nuanced Lyricist, and Conscience Mentalist in the game and the Sneaker Industries unknown footwear and apparel company, with an unapologetically black social activist owner.

This Sneaker tells an unfiltered story of the pilgrimage of Mansa Musa the world's richest man from West Africa to Mecca.

Read this again. 

Not the world's richest black man.  Not Africa's richest man.  The World's richest man ever known by standards of then and now.

It also tells the full story of the journey and evolution of DAYLYT. 


Colors represent deep meaning in Africa. This release continues to tells a broad story of Black Pride and Wealth through ownership and philanthropy:

Black represents the Mansa Musa the man and his people of the Mali Empire as well as DAYLYT the omnipotent being who shares his gifts with the masses.

Gold represents the great wealth Mansa possesses but also shared with others. Gold also represents the spiritual purity of DAYLYT.

Charcoal / Grey is the stalwart of all colours; a representation of the constant, the strong foundation. Grey is security, authority, maturity, and stability.

In DAYLYT We Trust

DAYLYT with all humility and foresight reached out to ROCKDEEP's owner and an instant mental and universal connection was made.

This story will be told at length at a later time, but know the Universe (no matter your faith) works in ways we can never explain.

DAYLYT knew no one would expect such a release.  Epic by industry standards, not ours.

Most sneaker blogs may not cover it because it is not that of a major sneaker industry giant or a well known non-black independent brand.

We know it may not be covered by some of those who look just like us, but this is what makes it that much greater.

We don't give a f*ck.

DAYLYT who started through the underground stays true to himself and his journey. 

As both ROCKDEEP and DAYLYT operate separately in their own worlds, they created and packaged every piece of this release with intent and purpose.

Your favorite rapper may have a footwear deal but they don't have their own shoe designed.

Most likely it's just repurposed from an already existing style.

A logo slapped on something doesn't make it yours. Your persona, being, and story make it yours.

So we plan on changing the way things are done.  We as a brand at ROCKDEEP and DAYLYT just don't give a f*ck what others think. 

No more of Big Sneaker Companies being Culture Vultures.

Collaborating with ROCKDEEP means you have equity in your name and product, not just a small check and free product to appease you with a color you like to slap on an existing style they have in their library of kicks.

If they are willing to pay an athlete millions, just know they are making billions on your name and ability.

If they are willing to pay an entertainer a few hundred thousand to promote "their own" signature sneaker, know they are making millions on your likeness.

So if you want to get with a company who's logo ain't all over the shoe and lets the artist and the design stand on its own and represent the artist come check us out at ROCKDEEP.

But wait.  ROCKDEEP is a small Black Owned Business. One that isn't letting just anyone collab with us.   If you didn't know us or rock with us before, get to know us first. Don't just think you are sliding in and rockin with us.

Please don't reach out for free kicks.  It's a slap in the face to us and our supporters.

Our Influencers and Brand Ambassadors are all those who pay full price for their products. Not asking for a discount or freebies. Simple unconditional support for ROCKDEEP.

For more information on ROCKDEEP click here.


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This will give you a great comparison on if they "run true to size" which really means run like my other sneakers.


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