It also pays homage to a dude who I regard as a mentor who also almost got fired for the original footwear dawning their logo. (Drew Greer)

My vision is to not just do the wide release of this reimagine sneaker, but a release of 36 pairs in the Wu Gold & Black and another limited run of pairs via an NFT digital & physical release in Black with Gold hits.

With the blessing of the @WuTangClan I will release the Black Pair with their logo and share the revenue which can go in their pocket or favorite charity.

Personally as a Black Business and Designer, my intent is to take back our culture from those who have had us in their meetings, inspiration boards, but only taken….never given credit or did for our communities in the way we have done for their companies.

ROCKDEEP plans on giving every new ALPHA release a purpose by donating a percentage (not portion) of the revenue to an initiative that benefits, enhances and empowers our communities.

We didn’t need to rip off, or bite the style of any former sneaker, we simply reimagined it the way we thought it should be.

At some point our people will realize that we are the beginning of everything and the Culture Starts and Ends with US.

ROCKDEEP is the Culture Unfiltered.  Unapologetic in our approach and relentless in the pursuit of World Dominance for our people.


We will continue to design with purpose and intent, using our footwear as a means to uplift and make a difference and not wait on other’s to make us famous or cool.

We are not a trend. We are not a fad.

We are the Resistance.

Listen to @RoyceDa59 and his remix of Black Savage.  The calm anger you feel no matter your complexion should bring clarity and a new outlook.

To those who share Melanin with me, stop asking for diversity and inclusion.  Set your own table and invite who you want.

Look at those you look up to be it athletes or entertainers who say they are about us, but never see them wearing or supporting their folks.

Pay attention.

The 36 pairs will have the following sizes available for sale:


8 x 2

9 x 2

10 x 2

11 x 1

8 x 2

9 x 2

10 x 2

10.5 x 2

11 x 2

12 x 2

13 x 2

14 x 4

15 x 4

16 x 3

17 x 2

@Shaq if you want a size 22 we can cancel one of the other sizes and accommodate you.


To the following Wu Members, we hope you reach out and bless the Black Wu version.  If not, we’ll just put our own logo on it, as we won’t disrespect nor do we have money saved up for a lawsuit!! Lol

We appreciate what you’ve done for the culture and  hip hop.



All versions of this pack will have exclusive packaging.

The Gold / Black 36 will come in a box designed just for this release.
The Black / Gold will also come in special packaging.

The Wider Release will come in original packaging as well.  We want EVERYONE to feel the special aspects of this release.


@RZA I know we REALLY need your blessing and hope to chop it up Shaolin Style.

@MethodManOfficial as the original Iron Lung seeing you in these would just make everything right.


@OfficialCappaDonna who I feel is the most underrated of the Wu is who we relate to the most.  You came to the fork in the road and went straight… we followed.


@Ins_TaGrams  @TheRealGZA the Chef @Raekwon @TheRealGhostFaceKillah Tony Sparks @MastaKillaMusic @UGod_Zilla and to the one many say I have the mental and personality of @OlDirtyBastardLegacy

Thank you all.


To all those we tagged in this, we know you appreciate sneakers, but it’s time you knew we existed and let others know.  Maybe @Instagram will stop F’n around and verify us.

Just think.  It’s ok to get those checks from other’s because frankly we aren’t cutting million dollar checks or thousand dollar checks, just to wear our gear.

We rather take that money and uplift our communities…but if you give shine to your own…we can be just as big as the other’s we’ve been conditioned to think is the only game in town…..

This is the way.


Welcome to the 36

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Product Description: PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW! EVERYTHING!!! The 36 BLACK/GOLD Release – A Tribute Paying Homage to not only the Culture but a group of 10 dudes who gave many life in...



Product Description: PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW! EVERYTHING!!! The 36 GOLD/BLACK Release – A Tribute Paying Homage to not only the Culture but a group of 10 dudes who gave many life...