What's REALLY Going On - Behind the Frontlines of 'The Rona' Covid 19 Epidemic

I was going to make this a personal Facebook post but decided I better document it for the ages.  We have kids who need to learn from their parent's generation.

I'm not speaking of the kids who lick toilets and eat Tide Pods by the way.  F those kids.

But why you still may ask? 

Frankly, crazy and out of control, was a month ago.  We are now in sub-managed chaos. Some might call it a shit show.

Who am I?  Just another guy really, but my company and I at ROCKDEEP have been trying to do our part to help where we can. Unlike some other companies making huge press releases to garner public relation win's, we are trying to REALLY help. 

The cool lil dude in the navy suit

While all help I'm sure is welcome and appreciated, I'll get into the BS PR campaigns going on when this is over. Right now, let's get into what's really going on out here.

So a few weeks ago, my wife and I decided we'd convert one of our stores into a supply store, for everyday individual; to get personal protective equipment (PPE) and items like toilet paper.  

(Ya'll really need to slow down on the hoarding of this by the way. It's simply unreal.)

We aren't saints by any stretch, but when you are raised by my parent's and see them help when they don't have it, it's an obligation to us to help other's when we can.

So in helping you'd think America "The United" would pull together, like it did after 911.  People forgetting what side you are on, and businesses doing their part.  (Which they are in some cases).

(However, you'd never expect to hear what Im about to go into. [Some might because they are negative nancy's] {yes I used that word and brackets within parenthesis})

But lets get serious. Hospitals without supplies is something you know already but let's dig deeper. 

You have small medical facilities, Urgent Care, Assisted Communities both civilian and military without needed items. 

There is price gouging with American Companies which really doesn't surprise me, but the Federal Government is confiscating masks at customs.  They are taking them and no one know's where exactly they are going.

Companies aren't being reimbursed, and whats worse the FDA has said they will confiscate KN95 masks which are in great need by EVERYONE.

Why?  Why would our government do this?  Stupid question I know.

We are working with civilian and military assisted living homes, smaller medical facilities, and other state and local municipalities in obtaining what they need and in the bigger scheme of things - it's really sad.

It proves over and over that the backbone of America is the little guy.  While everyone else is just trying to make that almighty dollar.  There's no sense in the world that we can provide masks to those in need for sub $ .99 cents while others are selling it to the government as they bid on it for $7 plus per mask.

We want you to know if you haven't realized already that the world will change after this is over.  No more high fives, kissing on the cheeks of those you've never met won't happen.  (Still not sure why that was ever a thing). Promiscuity won't end, but Im sure much more protection will be sought after.

Yet the essentials, like gloves and masks could be an everyday thing.  Get use to it.   For those of you who are new to washing your hands...like those guys who'd pass by me at work or the restaurant bathroom- lets hope you've changed your habits.

That's just nasty.

Just realize for those who still think this is just a flu, for those who aren't taking seriously the social distancing, that you are putting folks at risk.  Don't be that idiot.

There are currently enough in the world, and adding to it with reckless actions isn't helping any of us.  So as one of the Doctors covered on a news story said yesterday.

"Stay The F Home!"

It could be you next...and that's not fear mongering or the like, it's just common sense.  There are ton's of things you could be doing and just aren't using your creative juices.

Just think...if you are a gamer, you should be in heaven.

So let your creative juices flow... think of cool, silly or dumb stuff to do.  Fella's diddle the wife attentively if she still likes you.  Ladies, don't give your man too much attitude at home and chores.  After all we do have a man cave located in the old underground railroad we've all been sworn to keep secret.  Be patient with your kids and remember this is new to ALL OF US.

So I'm done rambling... just wanted to let off some steam and tell you what some news stations might not even know yet.  If I can keep it serious and light all in one setting I've done my job.

Above all else.  Stay Safe 

If you want to order any PPE's feel free to click this link.


This blog was written by Rocky Parrish the CEO of ROCKDEEP and if you have issues with grammatical errors or punctuation go f yourself.




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    Justi8 / Reply

    Good read, I’m also a small business trying to stay alive and provide a service.
    But what really got me that I like was last thing you said “grammatical errors… f yourself” That was great keep it up.

    Marc Blaize / Reply

    I’m already in love with the fact that I’m finding a newly discovered African owned business that sells dope merchandise and I’m all in. Catch me gum bumpin on yo blog

    JEAN SLOVER / Reply

    Is it possible to order 2 or 4 dozen masks or respirators?

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