Virtual One Stop: Literally

Payday's generally fall on Friday's for most folks. Other's fall during the week at some point depending on when the 1st and 15th arrive...
But no matter when you get paid or on what day, most folks in our common tax bracket wait for that day to pay bills and buy stuff.

We window shop and window shop, and sometimes we plan out how many checks it may take to purchase something we really want.  Sometimes you google things and think of words just to see if it will pop up (or is that just me?)

In the outside world there are those who worry less about money and can go to the mall, and shop as they please. We don't envy those people..at least not all the time.. but we do at times want that ability to win a lottery and act a fool shopping buying whatever we want. (<----long run on sentence just to irritate the grammar nazi's)

But I digress. 

What if you had the ability to browse one website, which carried almost everything you were looking for including stuff for your better half, kids, parents and even left you money to buy stuff for people you may not even like.  Well that's living almost like royalty.. but on folks like you and I budget.

ROCKDEEP INC is that place.  RDI relaunched it's company on August 4th and intends to make waves much like it did when it did it's initial KickStarter Campaign raising over $16,000 from just over 200 people to release it's first products from it's footwear line.

Many compared RDI to Under Armour and a mini Nike, but it regards itself as neither by comparison.  RDI provides its consumers with much more than just athletic and footwear apparel but items reaching far beyond that industry.

For instance, those who love the world of trekking, hiking and trail running can peruse our ROCKDEEP HUNTSMAN section. Women who may have just purchased a wedding dress from our RDevine Wedding and Bridal shop might be looking for mother to be maternity clothing from our GLOW line. Bikers, Skateboarders and Cyclist who love the pavement and open road who have shopped our ROCKDEEP STREET collection may be into Watches, Eyewear or need a Suit for an interview or special occasion and work.

The possibilities are literally endless for one stop shopping in the virtual mall ROCKDEEP gives you, from Youth and Adult Uniforms for Lacrosse, Soccer and Flag Football, (I always capitalize words I feel are important to me if you hadn't noticed) to our full figured line called Bougie, which also has an alter ego called RDevine Casual for unilaterally confident skin and bones to the sassy full figured woman. 

Boots, Fleece, Winter Coats, Sports Bras, yoga stuff, swimwear, sneakers, ski googles, hunting accessories, and just more and more and more....with products and new collections being added all the time.

I could go on, continue with my ill written grammar and punctuation..and going back and forth from 2nd to 3rd or when Im feeling feisty 1st person but I think you get the picture.  As it's been said and will continue to be said.  You can't really afford NOT to check us out.

We admit we are a growing business, but so are all who start out small and get a great loyalty of customers behind them.

ROCKDEEP INC doesn't sacrifice quality or style with the low prices offered, but I know first hand that other's charge more because they can and most don't know any better.  So you can't lose anything by checking out the site.  Today and tomorrow they have a coupon code for 15% off anything.

Also...if you do purchase today or tomorrow you get a personal coupon code sent to you for 30% off your next purchase.

Who does that.

The End.


Oh wait:

By the way if you don't catch some of the picture references I make in the blogs I write...  just consider it it like the Washington Post. IF you dont get it... you don't get it. 

I may make references to anything from Michael McDonald and the Doobie brothers or Stevie Nicks and Duran Duran to Souls of Mischief and A Tribe Called Quest. I like to leave a little something for everyone....but it's a pretty good chance the only mentions of folks who wear skinny jeans are restricted to Wayne and Drake.  I know I know.. we all have our faults.


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