Social Media Platforms Suppress Black Voices & Businesses - Still

Most non black folks may see the title of this and roll their eyes and keep it moving.

Our Ally's won't.  Ally's we appreciate you and now more than ever need you not just in the streets protesting, but on the internet using your privilege to assist in our voices getting out.

So unless you've been under a rock since the murder of George Floyd, many many stories have been shared of systematic racism within large companies. 


George Floyd Mural

Not just systematic racism which we are pretty accustomed to, but overt and covert racism. Some companies even have the gall to ask the same black folks they do this to, how to help them NOT do it.   


With no extra pay or promotion. Pilgrims Please.

We know, may won't ever get it, and feel like making statements of throwing money at it will help cover up their corporate white guilt.  Let's not mention we NEVER hear where this money is going but thats another story for another blog post.

But then those stories somehow started getting silenced on social media platforms. All out wiped out.  Example number one being Black At Nike. 

Black At Nike 









If you are not familiar Black at Nike had employee's share their experiences of all types of racism happening at Nike. I am not sure it lasted a few weeks before it was deleted of it's content.

It was blatant with no explanation from anyone.

Later an article by Medium called #NikeReciepts was written telling of a meeting within Converse (owned by Nike and some workers reside on the same campus in Beaverton), where they regarded Black women as Ghetto Queens.







Ghetto Queens -

......and some of you are still rockin with them.  Read these articles for yourself. Realize within the walls of these companies, they KNOW Black folks will ALWAYS come back to the swoosh. Don't think the stripes are without their own issues.






I'll keep on, because this is just a few instances during a long road trip of bs we put up with and by many let slide.

Social platforms like IG & FB (I won't spell it out for reasons of them suppressing this) have said they don't know what's going on and will work to make sure black voices are heard on their platforms.

Well I call bullshit.  Big Big Big ole bullshit.

I advertise with pro black IG accounts for ROCKDEEP and they have all complained of being shadow banned. Shadow banned - The act of hiding your content to all your followers.

Some of you may ask why don't I boycott FB like other giants in the industry? 

Well silly folks, I and many others are not Giants in the industry and we need to be where the people are.

One of the largest pro black platforms called WeBuyBlack was heavily affected recently and when black businesses depend on these platforms within platforms to get the word out, this affects ALL Black Businesses across the board.

Including allies who want to patron us. 






Recently we launched a collaboration with conscious Rapper DAYLYT.   Now that alone is news for a different reason on it's own.

However, the moment we began marketing it and putting the word out on IG, DAYLYT had issues with posts not showing up to his over 220 thousand followers.















He couldn't post videos and do IG Lives.   

We have receipts for that as well. 


At one point the post he had put up was missing for about 20 minutes.  Then wouldn't show the content.  Finally it showed back up intact.

However he hasn't been able to post content or do live videos since.
Coincidence?  Hardly.

See our release is different on many levels.   MANY levels.

DAYLYT and ROCKDEEP promote financial independence and respect of your fellow man.   We are not promoting calling women bitches and being flashy with million dollar cars.

However most will judge a book by it's cover, never bother opening it to see it's content. Can DAYLYT be controversial? Only to those who don't understand his message.   We wouldn't affiliate with anyone who could risk our brand, and he is as much of a family man and has as much impact on on people as I ever thought I could.  On a global scale. 

We are promoting financial literacy and supporting black owned businesses.  Giving back to your community and promoting community period.




History tells us, that certain entities don't want us as a collective people, be educated nor change their norms.



This is not a conspiracy.  This is proven.

Our collaboration lets athletes and artists know that they should be given  equity in their signature name products by the corporate giant.  Not just cut them a check fora mere fraction of what the company gains in revenue.

Most times the aforementioned doesn't get so much as a signature sneaker to call their own. 

They are merely placated by giving them a color of choice with a logo on an existing style. That exclusive most times isn't available for the general public who support both the brand and artist.  

The culture of exclusivity is of our own doing. Leaving others out.  We have allowed it to happen.











We are teaching our customers and supporters that you can find quality products (specifically footwear and apparel) at black owned companies. Without paying $200 + dollars.

While we don't count other's money or hate on any artist for getting that money, we hope most artist who claim to support the culture and culture movement,  put their endorsements where their mouths are.

Next time you see your favorite entertainer or such talking about those brands and black lives matter,  you should ask them why they don't wear black owned brands.

Instead of promoting to our youth that all those other brands7 should be a material priority in their lives.

Follow the lead of guys like Stephen Jackson former basketball player and current analyst and activist.  He's a real one and is for his people and as he says "all people who love him". 

He actually invites black owned businesses to send him their gear and he'll wear it on his podcast and other platforms.

What other artists or entertainers of significance are doing that?  Not many, that's for sure.

Luckily we have a smarter generation of kids than my own and that of the generation after mine. They want different, they want unique, but they can't get access to it, if social platforms are blatantly silicening us all.

So I encourage ALL of you to maneuver strategically and turn your notifications on. This way you don't miss a post or IG LIVE done.

We realize we currently depend on these platforms, but doing what we can to keep supporting these businesses is key.

We also realize the Buy Black phase many non blacks had has passed.  I knew it would, but many of us hope they can keep that energy and we weren't just a phase. 
We appreciate you allies more than you realize.





In closing... (because I can run long Im told), I myself keep telling as many folks that will listen, to STOP having a Buy Black Day, week or month.  

Black Businesses are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Buying Black for a few days or hours doesn't help sustain ANY business.
Perhaps there will be a  day when buy non black businesses ask us all to spend at least one day shopping with them... but until that time comes, lets stop limiting ourselves.  Share this far and wide.  It's a start.

For more great blogs from the CEO of ROCKDEEP just keep coming back here.  If you expect the greatest of journalism this is NOT the place for you.
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