Small Business in DC Area Provides Functional Creative and Needed PPE

Basically I am writing this in blog form because FACEBOOK will allow masks to be promoted by foreign companies which are charging anywhere from $30 to $40 (some lower)... as well as professional sports leagues selling you $50 masks..

But us?  The small business entrepreneur? No we get rejected and have to figure out cute ways to promote our wares.

So here we are.  ROCKDEEP Creative Masks.  This read will be quick I promise.



Functional with Filters and if you want them for your business, its the new breath mint as I've mentioned before.  We offer reasonable prices, and a mix of both custom and non custom packages.

Look, who wants to hide behind a mask during the new normal but if you are going to do it, you might as well do it with some splash right?

So all we ask is that you consider us, because our masks are more than flashy or stylish. They are functional.

Below are links to the different types and below that pics of the filters others should offer.  


None of our masks will be over $12.40 and the majority are $11.50
Mask Links:

ROCKDEEP Signature 

Team Inspired

ALL Cloth Masks

Medical Supplies


As always thanks to everyone sharing our blogs and Facebook posts as well as Instagram posts.

It's helping with our Footwear and Apparel company ROCKDEEP and this means more than many can realize.

So check us out and let others know.

By the way, if you got this far.  We are having a buy a kids mask and get a free pair of kicks.  See this blog for more information.

You are most welcome.  People helping people.

For more great blogs from the CEO of ROCKDEEP just keep coming back here.  If you expect the greatest of journalism this is NOT the place for you.

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We try to keep it light while giving insight.  We hope you all decide to share.

As always if you have issues with my grammatical errors or punctuation please calmly F off.  Thanks and good day to you.



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    Katrina Walker / Reply

    I like the look of your masks and i have been looking for good quality masks for work.. Everyone else want so much for them..

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