ROCKDEEP - A Footwear Company....not just about shoes.

I will start this with IF you aren't prepared to learn and listen this aint the story / article/ blog for you.  Just share it with those looking to better themselves.  There will be a ton of words... and no pics.  I may add those to another blog.

This aint about shoes....not this time.  If you are interested... please continue.


So I've promised to pen words more often keeping those who know and those who don't know about ROCKDEEP up to date.

Where to start...where to start?  Oh yeah.  I hear folks got all excited about Nike and Colin Kaepernick.  I heard about a judge doing what judges do.  I even heard about this guy in the white house doing the same old thing causing a stir.

What have I been doing?  Well... to be honest doing what I can about what I can control.  Employing employees.  Opening up a brand new office for those employees and myself.... 

Oh by the way (in case anyone cares) - we are opening our first retail location too. 

That line deserved to be all on it's own, because we have ALL worked hard to get there.  For some of you, you know this is the natural progression of someone like myself.  Keep pushing and working to add more, in order to give back to those needing it.

Providing jobs. Creating. Providing more jobs..and then some. 

Here's what's on tap:  I am flying down soon to Vicksburg Mississippi to work with the local government and community leaders on opening up my first apparel factory. 

This I am VERY VERY excited about, because I was born in Vicksburg and while it's on the rise there is a very large under employed group of folks and I am planning on employing those wanting and needing work to provide for their families.

I plan on doing this in many many inner cities, and small places around the United States.  Both black and white.  Not just for MY people, but ALL people.  For me having my company is just one part of my growth and goal as a business owner. 

At first it was to provide better opportunities for my children but ultimate goal is providing jobs for others to provide for their families.  I can spend this entire blog talking about my shoes.. my apparel. 

I rather talk about what I've done and what I plan on doing for other's in MY community and other communities which aren't mine.

I've been apart of many discussions lately, both political and social about blacks and our lack of opportunities, as well as blacks and those who complain that we must create our own opportunities and not blame "the man" for what we don't have.

I am one who believes both things can be true at the same time.

This is why I am neither a Democrat nor Republican.  While my pockets say one thing and my heart another, I choose to be an independent all the way around.

Socialism through capitalism.   I like both and realize both can exist. 

I know that to be comfortable I must bust my ass, but I also believe those assisting in the hard work to add to the success of this company must share in the monetary success.

I can make a jillion dollars, but in a lifetime me and my family can't spend it all.  Why not create opportunities for others with all the excess money made.  Why not reward employees for their hard work with not just small bonuses, but good wages?

I've never understood, why it's ok for Koch Brother's and Soros folks (those are both names used in conspiracies right?) to donate money for political reasons to keep people divided, but not donate that money to social programs to keep people working?

Why some vote against their interests are their business.  I can only worry about those trying to better themselves.  If politicians can accept money to make policies, why can't those of us who are working hard to provide a better life for other's donate and create social programs?

We must first be knowledgeable.   Learn what we don't know...because what we don't know is really what is holding us back.  Black, White, Hispanic and then some.

I could complain.  I choose not to. Don't get me wrong. I speak up....but complaining about things I can't control I've learned accomplishes nothing. 

My parent's served in the military.  Both are vets. They instilled work ethic in me, not from actually teaching me, but assigning me "chores" or as we called them in our house.  "Details". 

I didn't know we were poor when we were younger.  We got what we needed, not what we wanted.  Not a rare story.  Many of you reading this know it and have lived it.

What some of us don't know is that learning and listening about how to save and leave generational wealth is something we aren't accustomed to.  Hell even I wasn't aware of ways I could leave my kids even MORE money than I planned on doing until two weeks before the writing of this blog. (9.22.18)

When my commercial real estate guy Tracy brought in a mutual acquaintance Clarence "Clay" Goldsborough to explain some financial planning to me.   When I say Clay wasn't the first Financial Planner I've ever met with, Im telling you I've met with plenty.

However, Clay didn't just tell me what I could make from this contribution, or what benefits were yielded from this this and this scenario. He pulled the curtain back...and when I say the whole curtain. We are talking theater sized curtains on the entire financial planning industry. 

If I hadn't already taken a trip to my other office earlier, I may have pooped my pants. 

I immediately asked Clay if he could come back and speak with all my employee's and my wife (who runs her own business RDevine).  

Now I am no saint, and have not done everything the right way in life. I will run tell that to every person who asks and some who don't....but one thing I have learned from my family both parent's and cousins growing up is I will look out for damn near anyone and even those who just can't get right. 

My Chief of Staff Rudy asked Clay if he was telling this to us because we were black or does he share this with all his clients. I answered for her.  
Yes and Yes. 

She wants better for her grandson Jacob. My Logistics Manager Dikuyi wants better for his daughter and son's. My Chief Designer wants best for his seeds. 

We all should. 

Clay even suggested we ask other large financial planning institutions  to come in and speak with us and see if they offer the same insight and full disclosure.  I already knew the answer was no - having spoken with so many before Clay walked through my doors and sat in my office.

What's this all to say?  We as a people - Not just race of black people, but a class of poor to middle class folks need to learn what we don't know.  Be open to listening to those who are trying to share insight with you.

No it's not all in a "click here if you want to be rich" social media post.  It's not all in a sign two people up and have them sign two people up multi level marketing "scheme" either.

It's simply knowing what we don't know. 

I promised my co-workers they will be millionaires.  However it is their obligation to their children, their grand children and friends to share information like this and put money you can't spend in a lifetime to good use. 

We all want better for ourselves and our children and future generations but we can't wait on it.  We must take it.

Now if you got this far.  Congrats.  I will say and repeat something I've said in previous blogs.  This is why I created (or one of the reasons) ROCKDEEP.  To provide quality products for under $100 so you as a parent, be it single mother or father or a co-parenting family or hell a family like my own where both parent's are still together to save money and put it to other things.

Sure we like nice things.  We have been conditioned to compete against one another.  Be skeptical of one another.  Simply not trust one another.  I get it.  Trust me. I can't sit here and be a hypocrite and act as if I haven't trusted some of ya'll lol. 

Some folks out there still don't trust me.  Talk ish on the internet and I just keep it moving.  I also learned long ago.  You say all you want about me, but if you aren't my kids and aren't signing my checks what you think of me has little bearing on my life.

If you don't give me your business because you don't like me, I'll be ok.  I only bite back if my children or wife are threatened, harassed or negatively affected in any way. 

You never have to check out our website. In the next coming month's as Im doing public speaking, commercials and talk shows promoting ROCKDEEP, you'll hear enough about the company.

Today, tomorrow or Monday when you go back to work to surf the net all day, look into all the things I've said. If you want direction email and we will send you information on who to contact on how to plan for your future. 

We just make clothes and kicks, so we can only suggest you ask professionals willing to tell you everything.  With some of that cash you save, you can thank us with a pair of kicks purchased lol. 

Until my next rant... ya'll research.  Look for yourself and make sure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about life.

Life is so much more than material things...and this coming from a dude who sells material things.


Note:  I may not punctuate well (at all) and just rant at times during the blog.  Forgive me. 


(This blog was written by Rocky Parrish CEO and Creative Director of ROCKDEEP)