RDevine Fashion - Wedding Dresses and accessories

A few years ago, we started robust as a company.  A small business then.. and still now. We learned a few valuable lessons on streamlining and knowing exactly what our clientele wanted and how to give it to them.

RDevine was one of our few business lines which had a great crew of people assisting. We took some time to get our entire business unit together before relaunching certain lines... and this is one of our first which we did aside from ROCKDEEP just to see how things went and the response has been unreal.

We are providing everyone the opportunity to have a custom made wedding dress under $500 which we have already designed or if they choose to customize something we've done it will be no more than $800.

Full customization will never be more than $1000.   Our tuxedo's which can be purchased customized or picked from one of our designs allows those who want to have some sort of life after their wedding to not just pay $100+ for a rental but spend only a few more bucks for something they can wear for their wedding and as a great suit after their nuptials. 

We will continue to expand our offering's making ROCKDEEP INC more than just a athletic footwear and apparel company but a place you can shop for things year round, no matter the season, no matter the event, no matter the occasion.

We want to provide flexibility, style, quality all at a great price in one place. 

Feel free to check out RDevine or share the site with a friend getting married. We also have bouquets, purses and veils at prices which other's just can't match.

As with all our business units, we hope to create brand loyalty across the board and force others in the industry to realize you don't have to charge customers alot of money to prove something has the quality they deserve. 

RDevine is listed with  Global Black Owned Businesses

By the time that happen's we hope to be well ahead...

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