Oxon Hill, MD Small Business Provides Affordable Functional Masks

So if you are not from the Oxon Hill or PG County in general you are probably wondering why is the blog title so specific?

Well for one, we of Oxon Hill Maryland are a proud people.  We of Prince Georges County Maryland are a VERY proud people.



While part of my youth was spent across the bridge in Arlington & Alexandria Virginia, which Im also very proud of Oxon Hill raised me.  A school where neighborhoods competed in tackle football or fought each other in the hallways or streets of Indian Queen and Glass Manor.

However, if there was a Go-Go and other schools came to the Oxon Hill Annex every neighborhood banded together, and if you played a sport none of that mattered.


We weren't gangs, as it might appear.  We weren't crews either.  We were family.  Dysfunctional and tight knit all at the same time.  

You really had to be there to understand.

But what does ANY of that have to do with Masks?  Well everything we do has a backstory and means something.

Just because we are selling masks, doesn't mean we won't give other small businesses a shout out and throw business their way.  Like friends and fellow small businesses ReFashionista and Asante Gln 







Where we are from and reaching sideways or back to pull forward is what we all were raised to do.  If you work and are about your business, we are truly all in this together.

So about the masks we at ROCKDEEP are selling.

We will be offering them without the respirator valve in the near future but right now they have the valve for $11.50

That's right.  $11.50 for a fully functional washable cloth mask.  They come complete with filter slots and you even get a free filter with the mask.

Find that on the internet ANYWHERE in the world for this same product WITH a free filter slot.  Even the sketchy/janky ads you see on Facebook.

So that's it.

This isn't meant to be long winded.  Just a shout out to my High School, as they purchased 100 masks in less than two days. I had to make more.

If you could do us one favor it would be to share this blog and our site with friends.

We do custom masks for those asking.  Just be patient and read product descriptions.  We put in a ton of work, so reading is fundamental.

We appreciate your support and look forward to your orders.  For bulk orders, just email us.  staff@ROCKDEEP.com



By the way, if you got this far.  We are having a buy a kids mask and get a free pair of kicks.  See this blog for more information.

You are most welcome.  People helping people.

For more great blogs from the CEO of ROCKDEEP just keep coming back here.  If you expect the greatest of journalism this is NOT the place for you.

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    Randy Hunter / Reply

    I’m a big guy! I’m wondering if it’ll cover my nose to under my chin?

    Michael McCluskey / Reply

    Great contribution Rocky.

    WIlliam Farmer / Reply

    Good morning,
    I would like to get the mask that has the Oxon Hill Clippers on it

    Franklin Perez / Reply

    I want to buy at least 100 of this so please provide a quote for that Qty.

    Carol / Reply

    I’ve been researching masks, and yours are very nice. I just want to confirm they are manufactured in the USA? Also, where can I buy extra filters for them? Thanks.

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