HUNTING - Why is footwear and apparel so expensive? Not anymore.

From traditional deer hunting to duck hunting and everything in between, going out hunting in the last 20 years has become pretty costly...and we aren't even talking guns.

Not anymore. With today's climate economically and family wanting to be more cautious how they spend their money, it's hard for a hunter, be it novice or experienced to really purchase new footwear, apparel or accessories as they'd like year to year.

Sure hunters tend to stick with what they are used to and have broken in, but we all like new stuff, but buying new stuff just isn't cost effective with the way different companies are pricing products these days.

ROCKDEEP HUNTSMAN was born to go against all those problem's giving the hunter every ability to purchase as many shooting gloves, jackets, and boots as he'd like while feeling he had a little left over to purchase something useless ...just because. 

Have you ever wondered why apparel has gotten so expensive, and why a simple thing as small as a pair of glasses may involve a small personal loan?  Well it's because they can.  The industry as a whole see's the growing fondness of any sport and gloms on to it.  They care not about the Huntsman and what they can do for them but what the Huntsman can do for their industry.

So they produce items like the no smell gear, which then takes away some of the fun a hunter use to have in creating his own savvy way of staying elusive. They'll create brush camouflage which then really makes a hunter lazy on his night before preparation for the next day's hunt.

Is that really where things are going?  Making a hunter lazy? Why isn't just giving you quality comfort and keeping you warm priority number one?  

If you are the lazy type, we have a fenced in area on half an acre where we can set you up with 75 deer all rounded up with a few trees and let you have it.   Or put you out in a quasi brush area with some geese or something that looks like it with staff just tossing something that appears to be quail up in the air for you to shoot down with .50 Cal Turret style cannons on a Hummer. 

The card board cut out camo around the hummer we'd throw in for no cost.

Of course we joke, but it's to bring you closer to the reality that hunting will no longer be that if you as the true hunter goes the way of taking what others simply give you.  If you are a true huntsman, and want to get back to the roots with quality products.  Great comfort and a price thats much more than reasonable, then ROCKDEEP HUNTSMAN is the line for you. 

Exceeding the quality you are used to, we cater to HUNT CLUBS who want their own look and feel no matter how large or big. To the casual hunter who just wants to look like he belongs, but is comfortable in the process.  OR.... for you the long time experienced hunter.  We have everything you need and if we don't, we stay flexible enough to talk with our factory to provide it.

Don't see it on our website...but would really like to try it out because you see everything else we have is something you've been looking for, try us out for just one product.

Did we mention we have our own patent pending camouflage?  Yes, everyone loves camo, and wearing it not only when you are in your element but going to the store or out and about. We have something for you. 


So take a look around the site, because ROCKDEEP INC offers more than hunting attire, and we will have something for both men women and kids.  We hope to have our offerings more robust as the year goes along as well as August 4th when our site officially launches globally.

So wherever you are reading this... realize you can't afford to NOT check us out because everyone wants a deal, not just think they got one.

Happy Hunting to Hunters everywhere.

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