Small Business Gives Away Free Kicks to Kids

I'm back mudda hunchies!!!!!  The business owner who is writing to anyone who will listen.

Those of us who also have small businesses growing, and those who support us who have small businesses growing.

(this is in case you want to skip everything else Im about to type)

This diatribe is all about the hustlers and creative minds not sitting around waiting on a stimulus check. Yet you are waiting for it to come you can flip it into more money.

This is for those sitting at home without a job, and wondering what can you do make some money until you get back to the life you were living.  

I won't be preachy but I will throw a few nuggets on (or at) you.  For those who may be spending crazy with the money you could be using more effectively on greater priorities.

So let's get into it.

Yes.  I am giving away a pair of sneakers with every purchase of a kids mask.  Now you might wonder.  What's the catch?  There's always a catch.

Yes.  The catch is buy a mask for your child, If your child wears a size 5, 6, 7 or 8 they will get a free pair of kicks.  


All you'll have to do is pick from the following styles:
Easy Walker  * Panther * Jr. Wolf * Centallo

The limit will be one pair per mask.

Now for those of you who find something to complain about: Like "but my child wears a size 3, 4 or 9.  Well then Im sorry.  You are short.  Sorry to speak so plainly but we all know this will happen.

It's going to quite a teaching moment because if you have more than one child you'll have to pick the one you love the most. 

Decisions Decisions.

I've already instructed my CS staff to ignore any complaints to the like that may come in.

One might ask. What's in it for ROCKDEEP? 



Well for starters; we get kids all over wearing our kicks while they are outside playing.  How smart is that? 

Then we get parents who have been loyal to other brands ALLLL their lives remembering US when its time to purchase their next pair of kicks as well as their next pair for their kids.

If they don't.. that's ok.  We've created an experience for your child.  One which will return to us 10 - fold in the future (if you raised em right).

So other's who might complain:  "But I dont like any of the choices". 

Remember:  Show your child.  They may love plenty of the choices.  It's not for you.  It's for them, and if they dont like the choices are short.

Now about a job (forgive me I never write in order of how I started, real journalists probably turn their noses up at me lol)

If you need a job email us at staff@ROCKDEEP.com 


If you are a bojangler (some will understand this, others won't) a slacker, or just plain lazy.  Don't bother.  We are only looking for individuals ready to make money by making calls and emails as well as being resourceful.

From the comfort of your couch or kitchen table.

That's right.  We are selling custom masks to businesses, individuals, and more  as we get back to a "new normal". We aren't the only ones doing it, but we are approved by the FDA. 

We have fully functional cloth masks which can be customized for ANY business. 

Consider masks the new breath mint. Protect your customers, your visitors and yourselves.  As we have done with our footwear and apparel company, we are providing function, quality, affordable and style in one product.

Right now, NONE of our masks which are made professionally are over $13.  We have seen professional sports leagues selling masks for $49.99.  WITH NO FILTER!!!

Are they f*cking crazy?  No... are YOU f*cking crazy for buying it?

If you have that type of loot, please by all means.  But it doesn't make you a Big Baller buying something that may not be functional for absurd money.  It makes you foolish.

Which brings me to my next topic.  What we are doing with our stimulimuli money.  (Hope folks caught that reference, as it was not a spelling error.)

Do you know that Target, Walmart and other super stores which are open stocked up more on televisions's than they did on toilet paper and cleaning supplies when the release of stimulus checks happened??

This was aimed at the poor, the minority population and stupid.  When we have other priorities, we are instead looking to buy TV's because we are stuck at home.

Think.  You could use that $1200 flip it and buy the TV with money you flipped.  Now HOW you flip it is not my business.  I don't typically count other's money.  So I was for a minute during this journalistic masterpiece a hypocrite.  Yet I can admit that.

How many will admit buying a 60-80 inch during a pandemic without a job is  dumb? If we're honest, most of those checks are spent by the reading of this blog.

But let's get back to masks and life. 


I have and will say this again.  You don't have to purchase masks from us?  Just find a functional mask, especially if it's for your child.

If the mask or face covering you are buying has no filter pads, and no multiple layers of protection, it's like having sex with a ... wait I'll change that analogy.  Some of you might be Church going folk who'd change your mind on a sale if I used a hooker example.

So I'll say this.  Wearing a mask with no real protection, is like brushing your teeth without toothpaste, or other teeth whitening products.  Plain silly.

So in closing I invite you all to check out our ENTIRE website.  We sell sneakers and apparel as well.  Athletic and Hiking. Just take some time and look around.

So please stay safe ya'll.  While the news is saying they don't know why minorities like black and brown folks are dying at a higher percentage, I can tell you a few well thought out hypothesis.

  • We are out there working when other's are staying home
  • When we get sick they are telling us to go home until we are real sick
  • When they DO allow us to enter the hospital we aren't being attended to as much as "others"

Lastly.  We are being stupid. 

I have seen video of us locally at the DC wharf walking around all up on each other like Zanzibar's was still open.  

(If you don't know what Zanzibar is just imagine a place to go when you feel too old to be at other clubs, and you can tell a person's favorite time period, because they dress exactly like that at Zanzibar.)

I've seen video of us in Pensacola Florida out in the middle of the day as if a block party was going on. 

I know folks are bored, but don't do the job for them.  Please.  You might as well be pulling a trigger on each other in broad daylight.  Then you are risking affecting your other family members in the house.

I won't bring up Surgeon General references, as I don't want spit to get on my monitor.

I love ya'll like I know you and I want us all to do better.  

For those of you who are wondering why it appears as if this was a Dear Black Folks letter.  It sort of was, but if you aren't bothered by it, it means you get it.

So go get a mask.  Read the product descriptions and protect each other.

For more great blogs from the CEO of ROCKDEEP just keep coming back here.  If you expect the greatest of journalism this is NOT the place for you.

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We try to keep it light while giving insight.  We hope you all decide to share.

As always if you have issues with my grammatical errors or punctuation please calmly F off.  Thanks and good day to you.


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