Custom Suits: The Virtual Bespoke Experience

Custom suits... what are they really?  Let me take a second to explain the difference both assumed, defined and otherwise.

'Custom' is a loose term that can apply to 'bespoke' or 'made-to-measure'.  Here are the relevant definitions.

RTW (ready-to-wear) or OTR (off-the-rack): a garment you buy that has already been manufactured.

MTM: a garment whose pattern is subject to modification prior to manufacture (different MTM programs allow different levels of modification).

Bespoke: a garment based on a pattern created from scratch specifically to accomodate your body prior to manufacture.
Generally, bespoke offers a higher level of personalization to suit your unique measurements and preferences than MTM. But a bad bespoke maker can be far worse than a mediocre MTM maker.

Some will tell you that there is more handwork involved in some types of manufacture. This is untrue. Some MTM and RTW may have even more hand-stitching than a bespoke garment. There's no good rule of thumb.

Some will tell you that bespoke offers better cloth selection than MTM. This is also untrue. While many bespoke makers may in fact have better cloth selections, some MTM makers may have just as many.

So what does this all mean?

Well RDevine by ROCKDEEP launches our new Custom Suit line next week and as a man who appreciates a good suit, be it from Men's Warehouse when renting a tux or going to Burlington Coat Factory getting one off the shelf to have fitted for me.  There is almost no feeling as a young man or adult man getting and putting on a suit you feel was made just for you.

As a young man I would often go to Georgetown and buy what I thought were great suits for all occasions.  Be it a party in the city during the summer trying to impress the college girls, or to a Christmas party with my fiancee wanting to look like something on a billboard in Times Square. 

Yet, I never ever had or thought to delve into a true Bespoke hand made end to end suit making experience.  Let's be honest - not many have the money to embark on such a thing, because expendable income really has never been a real thing where I come from.

But when I got into the footwear and apparel business and implemented wedding dresses and casual wear for women, I realized, why couldn't I offer such an experience albeit on a virtual level to men everywhere.

A man's first suit - REAL custom suit, and not the one you'd get with a shine on it, or wrinkles and you can fit a fist down the front of your shirt as if you are standing in front of a judge.   No a man's first custom suit should be a big deal.

Much like it is for celebrities and us common folks alike.


Will we have a tailor right there in the room with you?  Not if you aren't local no. But we are getting there with relationships with local tailor's globally. Will we chalk you all over to give you the intimate Italian tailor feels.  Not really.  However we will work with you directly and walk you through the entire process.

This way when your suit arrives, the most you may want to do is get your pants hemmed a particular way which fits your style.  (Im a french cuff guy myself.)

At RDevine we want to give all our customers a diverse offering of suits, as well as tuxedo's.  I myself chose to go with a suit that I can wear in my own wedding in October as well as out on the town with my future wife at some point.


We realize the amount of events some of us will attend needing a tuxedo will be few and far between, but having something spiffy enough to look better than the other's in standard pleats with a silk stripe riding down the leg is a must have.

Besides..who wants to look like everyone else?

So with everything else at ROCKDEEP INC. as well as RDevine, you can't afford to NOT check us out.  We pride ourselves on quality and style at a great price point.

Be it for work, going to a Derby or a casual cocktail dinner with flair, give us a click and while you're at it, have your lady check out our wedding dresses.


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