Black Owned Company Provides Cost Effective PPE To The Masses

So many times folks will write these titles to draw in folks which seems a little much.




I'm those people. 

So I apologize however I am writing from a place of information and assistance to my fellow man, not of even humble bragging and selfish boasting.  

The fact that we are black owned is prideful for many in ways other's cant comprehend, but today it's not about being just black owned. 

Today it's about everyone.  Those in need, those who can't help themselves, and everyone in between on the outside.  Read that twice if you need to.

Today ROCKDEEP as a company is cutting it's own knees "some would say".  (I got that line from the guy who does presser's lately.). Why would we be cutting out own knees?  Well for one, we are selling masks that are washable, which means reusable. 

Now a few weeks ago this would have been been even shameful to think about or consider.  However with the current state of affairs, with our government stealing needed PPE from hospitals, medical facilities and small businesses ordering from abroad this sort of thing has come about as needed.

We have been selling PPE which includes, surgical masks, KN95 masks, gloves (both disposable and nitrile versions), head and feet covers as well as goggle and more.

So what right?  If you are in one of the groups I've posted this, PLENTY of folks are selling that, as the next hustle.  Some at great prices, others at absurd prices.  I fault neither and just none.

If you are out of work you instantly become a hustler in the worlds Lion Den.  You have no choice, but it's also second nature as a born survivalist.

Other's are just innovative and creative in their entreprenurialship (the real word is entrepreneurship but who's grammar checking?). 

The thing is we are NOT a company who usually sells medical supplies.  We are a footwear and apparel company.  Some would say the biggest in the world.  (Me, I am some).

We decided to pivot in order to help folks out.  I wrote another blog about it.  However, I was inspired by a guy I am friends with on LinkedIn named Steve Joseph who did some custom masks for Tokyo By Design.
It sparked a thought that I could do this on a large scale through my factory.  Keep the price low like they did, and be able to provide something everyone could have and reuse.

Again, this would have been crazy to think in the medical world or otherwise, but we've all heard the horror stories of front line workers not getting the needed supplies from the very companies they work for.

They've come to us, and others having to purchase their own like teachers buying their own supplies to teach OUR kids.  

So I made some calls to folks I have gotten to know within the industry and some who led me to others who had no clue who I was. I called the FDA, the CDC (no luck reaching Dr. Fauci).  I also reached out to the Dept. of Health and Human Services who my brother in law used to be assistant to the Secretary back in the day...but I digress.

I found out as a common theme that masks would be a new staple in our society.  Something none of us will be able to avoid.  So I asked how sanitary and functional would a washable cloth mask would be.  They all agreed, if we had a removable filter it would serve it's purpose.

So the idea was not only born but put into action.  Days later I put them up for sale on the site along with all the other PPE we offer and within an hour of me posting 200 sold, and its been steadily dinging since.

Those on the Shopify Platform know what Im talking about.

So this goes back to me cutting my company at the knees supplying masks which only have to be purchased once instead of offering other masks which are disposable causing others to keep coming back and back spending crazy money.

Let me be clear. 

The reason I started ROCKDEEP (not Rock Deep not Rockdeep or anything else) was to provide affordable products which lasted the test of time.

Not the car that made it long enough to be paid off.  Not the kicks which last a few good wears or games and gave out.  No, like my very own footwear and apparel I wanted to give folks affordable, durable and functional.  Hell I even added stylish which happen to be my four core points of ROCKDEEP.

I am not a medical supplier, I am just trying to provide a service and help.  Something we have lost along the way as a people.  Something I watched my mother and father do growing up was give when they didn't have, but give more when they had it to give.

So I am giving what I can as a service while I can. (My momma is going to kick my hine parts for using these 70's pictures but oh well.)

Instead of worrying about other's just pushing forward hoping as many folks find out how they too can have a mask. It's seriously not about if you purchase from ROCKDEEP.  We just want you to have what you need, from ANY of the many hustlers trying to make a way for themselves on any social media platform.

I just ask all the hustlers to be true to your business and grind.  Be transparent with your customers.  We have our issues lately like any other business.  With the administration stealing PPE at custom borders, you need to let your customers know if there is a delay.  Take responsibility.

Something folks at our highest levels of leadership seem to be immune to. After all - you are who your customer trusts.  They thought enough to give you money to get them something that could very well save their life.

That is NOT hyperbole.  It's straight factual.

So as I hope folks will share this with as many as they can and go to our Facebook page ROCKDEEP Supply Store or our Instagram Page, I hope everyone gets what they need from SOMEONE and make sure you remember them when this all blows over.

The world is changing and we need...no HAVE to change, adjust and pivot with it.  We are all trying to get our shot off and 2020 is in the paint trying to block ANYTHING we put up.

But we have to keep shooting our shot.  

For more great blogs from the CEO of ROCKDEEP just keep coming back here.  If you expect the greatest of journalism this is NOT the place for you.

That would be found on pieces done on our company.

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We try to keep it light while giving insight.  We hope you all decide to share.

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