From the Grand Canyon to the Inca Trail in Peru there are different levels of outdoorsmen and women who take to trails, mountain sides and casual terrain.  We may want to exercise and have that sole focus... or set goals that seem somewhat crazy to the casual friend climbing heights and descending valleys which to them make no sense at all.

ROCKDEEP INC is giving each and every person who straps on a pair of trekking, mountain or trail shoes a new energy.

THE ROCKDEEP RAX will open eyes, turn heads and most of all be functional in it's comfort and come at a great price.

When putting together an OUTDOORSMAN line we realized, you have many levels to this and appealing to all could be difficult.  So we thought function first.  Looking good will come.  Just like our other performance apparel and footwear, being able to be comfortable in the things you put on is important.

So if you are the casual person we created a Fashion Outdoor line.  Then we developed things and knew we had to have something for the serious Trail Runner.. that person who is serious about trekking and the warrior taking on a hike of epic proportions.

With that thought we collaborated with RAX and ROCKDEEP RAX was born.

ROCKDEEP RAX will service and appease the casual to the most committed and we want feedback from those on the trails.  We want to remain flexible and diverse in our offerings and all the while making sure you can purchase not only footwear but outerwear in the cold months and even backpacking equipment if needed.

We promise not to sell gimmicks, just provide you quality products at a great price point. While other's are forgetting quality is nice to have, giving the consumer the option to keep money in their wallet is paramount and very important.

ROCKDEEP INC will not sacrifice quality, or function for our low prices.  We know we can give you all of the above.  We don't mind being the new guys on the block, our aim is to change your brand loyalty and keep it.

You can't afford to not check us our blogs, we are effective and to the point.