BLACK OWNED-BLACK PANTHER: A match made in footwear.

We don't always get excited about movies too much as a collective people when it's X-Men or Avengers or the like, but when Black Panther was announced....maaaaaan.

Of course we were skeptical. It's who were are.  It's justified.  

However when you saw the first trailer you can't say you didn't lose your ish right?  I may be alone but I know its how I and many around me felt.

Well we knew it was coming and wanted to do a tribute to Black Panther.  Yes that mythical comic book hero that folks are excited about.  You can be one of those who complain about there not being something about Malcolm (there was) Martin (there was) or the Brown Hornet... (I digress).

This was and is something which will be of historical significance and we are apart of it and thought why not write a blog and let others know in all the social media land.

So if you are in a black owned business group on Facebook, Snapchat, twitter or whatever the cool kids are doing now.... share it. Share it again.  There aren't many left in bigger sizes for men.  Women with larger sized feet like my wife you will be in luck for a black pair.

There are some offered in pink and silver as well. 


So there it is.. not alot of words.  $80 and free shipping.  You want to support Click the link below and tell everyone.

It will be greatly appreciated.





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