Black Cyber Monday - Will Shop and Buy Black Work?

This is not to consumers...

We hope they should read the diatribes of us fellow entrepreneurs out here in these cyber streets right?

How did Black Friday work for you? Not the sales you expected?  Not from those you'd hope support you?  I learned this a few years ago.    While I love my people, I can not depend on them to give me the boost I need or put us over the edge of possible success.

While we have huge spending power as a people, I have found I needed to adjust who I market to quickly.  Sadly and truthfully it is the other dollars out there who will sustain us until everyone else catches on.

My stores... they have a black owned sign at one...but not the other.  Demographics simply put.

Folks love to know we are black owned so they can shop with us.  Wait, let me correct that.  Some appreciate that.  Other's?  Well some turn their nose up.  The largest black owned footwear and apparel company out there and because we don't have a swoosh or three stripes affixed to our gear we aren't up to par.

I can only chuckle because it's not just the kids, at times its the parents who do it, teaching the kids it's all about keeping up with the Jones.  Well I can pull back the curtains back a bit and be honest.

The Jones don't care two poops what we are doing.  I live where they live.  Some may drive nice cars, but most are paid off, and the other's are Honda's and Toyota's. 

They (you know... the man) have money invested in their homes, land, investments.  Stuff they can pass down generationally. I get it.  We like nice things.  I like nice things, but our priorities can be misplaced at times.

But Im not here to tell most of you what you already know.  I'm here to encourage and tell you to keep pushing and adjust your approach.  These Black Business Groups are a great place to network and give and get ideas....but are the consumers we are targeting there en masse? 

Some are ... but most are looking for the "name" brand... not realizing we are ALL name brands.

Well we will have staying power because we cater to everyone.  Those who look for excuses not to shop with us, because "there aren't enough black people on our website" or "not enough black folks working in our stores"; just haven't been there for the thin times when you did have blacks on your site.

Problem was you realized you needed to market to EVERYONE.  We did have blacks in management, but they were the one's who took advantage of you the most.

Yes Yes... no not all...but do I need to state that for those of you out there who understand what I mean?


But may you all progress, have success and for the religious; be blessed.  Keep pushing.

Have a great holiday selling season!!!


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