Biggest Sneaker Release of 2021: By An Unlikely Trio

Usually when you hear about big sneaker releases, it's by the Swoosh.  If you hear about a huge collaboration it's by them or the stripes.

Well this collaboration is by an unlikely trio, who will now be interconnected until the end of time.

Two being virtual unknowns generally speaking are the company ROCKDEEP.  Black Owned out of the DC suburbs of PG (Prince George) County in Oxon Hill, MD. Designer Asis Basharat out of Pakistan, who is well known in many designer circles, but still making a bigger name for himself.







Then you have a known commodity in DAYLYT.  A spiritual metaphysical lyricist who enlightens the masses and promotes positivity.  While different in approach, he's very effective in his delivery and he is loved by many.


So what makes this the biggest sneaker release of 2021?


1.  Look at the design.  Even if you aren't a sneaker head, sneaker enthusiast, or worse a hype beast.  You can have a great appreciation for this design and color way. 


2. It's a collaboration between three individuals who may or may not have come across one another in any other way in life, however this collaboration has brought them here.

3. Unlike any sneaker collaboration EVER, each entity involved will have actual equity in the sneaker itself.  

Number three is the most important factor to many who are in the industry. As ROCKDEEP wanted to change the way things are done in the industry.  Instead of cutting a check for a few bucks and sending an entertainer some free sneakers and merchandise, they will get royalty checks.

Not just once either.  



No ASIS and DAYLYT will get checks each and every time their logo is used, and as much if the CEO of ROCKDEEP leaves this earth and ASIS and DAYLYT no longer exist, their children or assigned family members will receive a check.

Creating generational wealth for themselves and their families.

Are those other brands concerned about that when promoting their brands or footwear?  I'll let you answer that.

So in the future, when you see your favorite rapper, entertainer or athlete bragging about their footwear lines; ask them this:

- Is that a new design or a repurposed design?

- Are you clout chasing making the brand a ton of money while you get pennies?

- Does that brand really care about those endorsing their products?

We aren't here to count anyone else's money by any means, but everyone should wonder what you were willing to sell to obtain it.

To pick up a pair of the African Winter Solstice click here

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    Cory A Robinson / Reply


    Maxwell / Reply

    These shoes are lit family!!!!!!! Mad futuristic. They look like I could do anything in them

    Mark Clayton / Reply

    Brother that is visionary thinking. Hats off to you keep up the great work!

    Corey / Reply

    I want a pair

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