I was trying to determine how I was going to approach writing this but decided if folks weren't turned off by the actions that got us here... there would be nothing I could say to really upset things.  Then again I know I am apart of a fickle people who at times pick and choose.

Make sure you scroll all the way down EVEN if you don't read this all. 

You may be happy you did.

Only those who are the one's I speak of will in fact be bothered by anything above this sentence or below it.

There has been much made on social media by many with regard to the explosion of the Big Baller Brand and it's supposed quick success.

Now I said supposed... not out of hate or contempt as many would quickly jump to assuming, but because as we all in the industry who are black hope for the success of the Ball's.   We ALL know it doesn't come overnight.

I belong to several pro black, black father and buy black groups on Facebook and the discussion is as usual polarizing.   To many in the industry both working for the big boys Nike, Adi and even UA as well as those of us running our own companies, we are all wondering:

Why do people think BBB was the first black owned company?  Well I'm here not for just my own company ROCKDEEP INC.  but others before me and coming out as I have. Let me educate to start this off and maintain it positively:

These are referenced by: BLACK WALL STREET (http://officialblackwallstreet.tumblr.com/post/118904207525/5-black-owned-footwear-companies-you-should

www.michaelgreyfootwear.com - Michael Grey Footwear
www.negash83.com - Negash
www.aminahabduljillil.com - Aminah
www.FlatOutofHeels.com - Flat Out Heels
www.solerebels.com - Sole Rebels

Now... I do want to call BS on many folks who are quick to say they would support the Ball family if the price were more affordable.  Isn't that the biggest reason other than the way it's all been presented to us that has us all taking sides (which really shouldn't be the case).

I'm not here to tell another man how to market his company or count his money but I can be bothered by how he utilized his platform.  Some say millions in free advertising and his "master" plan.

There are people upset that Lavar Ball told those who can't afford his kicks they aren't ballin.  I'm one of those.  There are also those telling me and folks like Wale F you, let him be him.

No one see's the problem with that? We are ok with acting ignorant and being "bold" and in your face, but those we don't defend tell kids they ain't "ballin" if they can't afford his kicks?

Thats called conditioning folks.  Having been in the media world for some years, I will share this.  IF the media keeps having you on their airwaves - it's because of two things.
1. They either really like you.
2. They want you to keep showing the world you are ignorant so everyone else can see.

You can say Lavar used them for the free publicity, but what good is it if no one really likes you the person and see's you as an opportunist who took a loan on his child's future earnings to get to this point??

I've said it many times but people seem to ignore me and many other's with the same view point. I love the concept of what Lavar was and is trying to do.  However his execution is piss poor.  Its not hate.  Its not jealousy. It's merely an opinion.

Many have the opinion that Lavar Ball has changed the game.  Perhaps for guys with parent's willing to take the less brash and humble approach to owning their own brand yes. To say this was all apart of his mater plan. Well I'll refrain from comment on that.

Some admit he's trying to obtain overnight wealth and in this business, if Phil Knight, Michael Jordan, and everyone else didnt obtain overnight wealth chances are Mr. Ball won't either.

One thing you will notice not many of us do be it myself or other's.  Is tout our business as "Black Owned"  I learned quickly that catering to the black community hasn't shown an upside and many ask for discounts, where we know you aren't asking those at Nike for the same.

We all appreciate the business we do get from our community and any lack of support shouldn't keep us from giving back to that same community, but the reality is 70% of my consumer base is white.  Not because I cater to them but because they purchase from me.

This business is a marathon. 

...but for all of you who SAY you want to support black owned businesses you have the opportunity to support other companies like myself and Q4 Sports.  (www.Q4Sports.com)

However the point needs to be made that those of us who don't approve of his approach still want his company to succeed ...for his son's sake.

I can't believe everything I read, but if Lavar did take out a $5 Million dollar loan based on his son's future earning's it does give me heartburn. But again... that's his burden to deal with... 

But as it goes for those of you who say you would support black owned businesses we are here for you to support and if you checked us out, you would really like what we have.

Affordable, quality and functional. We are going about it without arrogance and embarrassment of ourselves or our children.  If those words offend you or appear to be "shade" then you really aren't defending the aforementioned for anything else other than for the heck of it. 

I encourage you to check out our first shoe we launched which sold over 1500 pairs each since our KickStarter launched over a year ago.  Our ROCKDEEP LEGACY and ROCKDEEP T-REIGN 


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Thanks in advance for your support and business. We all appreciate it greatly.


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If you get this far down you will know there are two pairs of kicks on sale now.

The Legacy and The T-Reign

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    Please let me know How to buy RAX sneakers. I am very tired of the regular brands that don’t care about workers and working people; don’t care about good wages & good working conditions, and & don’t care about healthy environmental conditions. Are you concerned about these issues? I am buying stock and want to know. Plus, I need a good, sturdy pair of sneakers.

    Steven Lemon / Reply

    Just my opinion, but taking out a huge loan against future earnings is about an irrational act that “business owner” can make.
    Why is it that Black businesses can’t learn from the great successes that White ones have had with public offering of their stock?
    There are only a handful of companies out there, Black or White, that have been able to grow into giant conglomerates without issuing an IPO.
    Taking out a loan agaisnt future earnings when you have no present or past earnings to justify such a risk, makes no sense to me.

    Mark my words, if a White company even SMELLS like it will become a big hit in the industry, it will have stock on the street withing two years.

    Mike / Reply

    I had to come back and say ALL of the shoe are rocking.

    Michael / Reply

    Think you for the lesson I will be checking out all of the links, giving likes on your Facebook page, and asking to join you on all of your social media. Even though I don’t agree with everything said about Lavar Ball we can still be professional and support each other. I am a man that stands behind my word on supporting black owned businesses. I was just visualizing about something and you hit me up on Facebook, I say that to say please hit me up later. I own a basketball t-shirt line called StreetDunkah and LadyDunkah, there may be an opportunity to work together on something. Let me know.

    Quinton Lee / Reply

    You got my attention

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