Once a week at least I am approached about a Multi Level Marketing Opportunity to promote to my network.  Sometimes, I politely say no and thank them for the chance to consider it, other times if the opportunity is original or something I've never heard of before (which is rare) I research it, realize it's a pyramid concept and THEN politely say no.

However, I never ever say no without saying why or offering my advice on what they should look out for. Have I tried to do some of those same things, have my parents?  Absolutely!  

I just like those who approach me, just like my parent's are looking for that next best thing, the next greatest thing to be apart of.  I've learned however, as has each person who's ever approached me that nothing happens fast, but steady and deliberate.   I don't begrudge those folks because some are real hustlers, other just looking for a lottery ticket.  All wanting better than what they have.

What does any of that have to do with being a Brand Ambassador?  Commitment. 

I have been told I should be a salesmen, because I have the ability to explain, listen and relate things to people.  However, I've never in my life wanted to be a salesmen, because of the different approach some have to their customer about their product or service.

Stay with me as I tell a story... or two.

This is by no means an indictment on ALL salesmen out there, but we can all admit a used car salesmen have a negative stigma attached to them.  Why are some successful?  The same reason good brand ambassadors are successful.  Instead of selling they are having a conversation and listening to the consumer or customer.

I once sat in a meeting when I did radio with a potential client and our radio sales person.  The customer let us know what his budget was $5000 to do commercial spots and whatever else he could get for a live in person event.  Well we all know there are markups and commission paid, as does every customer.  The salesmen then told him it would cost him $10,000 to do blah blah blah.  

Internally I was horrified. I realized this was already going down the path.  There was no negotiating, there was no give and take, just... "sorry this is going to take $10,000"  Well that meeting didn't last much longer than that, and I asked later if I could meet the same customer who really wanted to do business and have spots on our show.

I spoke with him, heard his needs, asked if I could get some of what he wanted for less spots but made sure the commercials I cut would be memorable would he be able to do $4000...  I already knew his budget was $5000, but I wanted to leave him with money saved, to perhaps put back into us later after a successful campaign, and have a feather in his cap to take back to HIS boss. 

He said yes and as we thought, he asked me and my radio partner to do additional events with them, and unfortunately for the radio station, they didn't get a cut because of a salesperson who refused to just listen and adjust on the fly.

As a ROCKDEEP INC Brand Ambassador we don't want salesmen/women.  We want advocates, voices and those excited about the brand. The product can sell itself, but all you need to do is relationship build.   The art of relationship building is lost, and if we have to train every single person who is eager to be apart of something large, we have no problems doing it.

What goes into being a Global Brand Ambassador for ROCKDEEP?  Hunger. Excitement. Passion. Respect and most of all...an entrepreneurial spirit. 

ROCKDEEP INC will have GLOBAL BA's to mirror our franchises.  If you'd like to be a BA for our overall brand, there is no problem with that.  You will get to speak to each line under the ROCKDEEP umbrella.  Should you want to do something more specific for one of the other lines, like Yoga, Street, Glow or Libre you can. 

You will get to know your line, you will offer ideas on how to expand and grow interest in the brand and if you choose to grow within your country and do other things you can.  Being a Brand Ambassador is only the beginning, not a landing and ending point.   As I often tell those who work with me.  I may be the CEO, but you will be the CEO of whatever you are being given the opportunity to do. 

We are building our global campaign which all our BA's will be apart of.  They will reach every end of the earth by simply utilizing their social media.  Yes, you will get out and hand out cards to everyday people.  None of those cards will need your name on it.  Not even I as the CEO will have a card with a name on it, because who I am is inconsequential to the overall movement.

Those wanting to keep in contact will ask for your contact information.  They will see and keep the card and check out the site.  You can discuss consumer purchases, retail opportunities in carrying our product, or simply letting them know how easy and lucrative being an owner of a ROCKDEEP Store of subsidiary will be.

Our message to each and every person is that we know everyone is brand loyal.   Our aim to is to provide quality products with style at a great price sacrificing nothing while doing so.

We will not sign million dollar athletes.  We will not have million dollar commercials.  We will have every day people shown in our marketing and everyday people representing our brand.

We will give back to the communities we are from.  We will do youth outreach to at risk kids, and provide free uniforms to those who may not be able to afford it.  If you are connected with your community, you will know who those are who are really in need.

We will aim to provide a free pair of shoes to Military veterans, and homeless.  In America unfortunately this is a huge problem, but our global BA's will give us insight on what's going on where they are.  

Our BA's will trade information.  They will keep pitching ideas even if every idea isn't used.  Their idea will be there idea unlike some places that by all accounts doesn't utilize a great idea until they make it their own.

We don't just plan to do things differently in these industries, we already are.  By providing quality products at a great price, and working with our communities, the brand loyalty will begin to shift, grow and expand. 

If any of this excites you.  Intrigues you and you actually got this far down the blog, you are someone who may be a great fit.

Lastly... perks.. We all want to know about perks.

As a Brand Ambassador you will have access to all our products, and discounts on everything with an issued ROCKDEEP BLACK CARD.

You will have the ability to move up in the company picking the route you want to take no matter where you are from and who you are.  We want the best and cliche' brightest.  This is one position where passion can't be show on your resume. 

We look forward to hearing from all our future BRAND AMBASSADORS.  If you know of someone anywhere in the world who would be interested please have them contact us.

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