#askforROCKDEEP - a compelling campaign everyone can take part in.

In 2016 ROCKDEEP INC made great strides while overcoming great obstacles....but what successes don't come without hard work right?

Well today I am reaching out to my friends, family and even those of you I don't know to assist me and those in my company with our campaign for Friday the 13th. 


A simple gesture of sharing this and making the hashtags #askforROCKDEEP #ROCKDEEP and #ROCKDEEPINC will go a long way in bringing awareness to our brand, and our goal to bring quality products to consumers in 2017 at a great price.

Admittedly some retailers have been hesitant while others were more than willing to take us on because of our commitment of providing quality products at a great price. Some retailers were were worried that we weren't a name yet albeit in our world we are already a name with those who know us.


Our athletic footwear and apparel will also be a sight for those who love the classic look and appreciate the relaxed fit.  While we intend to stay ahead of the trends as well as maintaining classic looks that don't change year to year and season to season, we will most like stay away from the typical urban branding looks of skinny jeans and leave that to the pro's on the denim side.


The intent behind #askforROCKDEEP?  

Retailers run off demand...even if it's your more well known brands which could do poorly at market.  However, if clients keep asking clerks, and managers, and managers ask District and General Managers...those guys talk to the buyers about carrying ROCKDEEP products... 

So we are going to show our footprint in the demand space globally by having all our current customers #askforROCKDEEP when they are in their local retailer spots.  After all, if we know we are successful and want to take it to the next level, why not share that with those who don't know about us and have buyers from stores all over asking the same.  Where is ROCKDEEP and how can we get their products?

So prepare as 2017 takes us to new heights and more retailers.   

Above all else... when you are out and about. Today and this weekend and from this point on #askforROCKDEEP until you see it in your local retailers.  Also please share on your social media with a few hashtags asking others to also read this.

While on our website....please feel free to look around.  More coming soon.

For more information on ROCKDEEP INC. 




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    Ceasar Alexander / Reply

    Hello I saw your men’s hiking boot on Pinterest and immediately was attracted to the designs. Most hiking boots are boring and ugly your company how ever are perfect, very attractive and not too loud. I do have a question about where your products are manifactured.? I go out of my way to buy made in America, so I have like no shoes!!! Right. I would appreciate your time to respond. And congratulations on you and your families success.

    Annie / Reply

    Sharing all my social media net works. I got your back, good luck my friend!

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